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March 14, 2017

Hello, Darlings! | Phoenix Wedding Cake and Dessert Bakery

Phoenix Wedding Cake and Dessert Bakery
FIRST BLOG! OMG you guys! I’m blogging! I never thought in a million years I would be the blogging type, but here I am! I also never thought I’d be a small business owner, much less a full time cake decorator, but alas! Here I am, typing from my kitchen with frosting in my hair. HOW DO I ALWAYS GET FROSTING IN MY HAIR?! Anyway. I am so glad you are here and are reading this. This means that you’ve had a chance to peruse my brand new website. I hope you love it as much as I do!! I have to give the biggest shoutout to the amazing Courtney Larson for all of her work on this. You may know her as Inloveness Photography where she takes the most delicious documentary style wedding photos. She has written two books and teaches workshops on being a photographic storyteller all while raising three of the most adorable kiddos ever!!! Needless to say…SUPERSTAR!!!

I am so stoked to shed a little light into my world as a caker. You will see me using “caking” as a verb a lot here. Baking and caking have been my job since I was just 16 years old at a local Safeway, changing the world one sheet cake at a time. From there, I worked in coffee shops through college and ended up doing morning pastries and fell back in love. After graduating, I moved to a bakery/cafe where I was able to really get a behind the scenes look at running a small business and get a lot of necessary practice. Eventually, due to sharing lots of my work via Facebook, friends and family were asking me to create things for their parties and their friends’ parties. As much fun as it was doing pseudo drug deals in parking lots exchanging cake for cash, I felt the need to commit and give this thing a name. I was super into the one word names for restaurants a-la Gordon Ramsey. (Hello, Steak? Burgr? (yes, it’s spelled that way) YUM). I was joking around with a coworker (who had a similar dream of mine at the time) with different baking term words from Zest to Whisk (both pretty popular/taken). I even considered Paula Deen-ing it and calling myself “Butter.” You’re welcome, mom. Later in the shift I was making a huge batch of buttercream when I grabbed the sweet ingredient of powdered sugar, grabbed my sieve and *lightbulb moment*….SIFT. (The bakehouse was added because I was baking…out of my house…not as life changing, but hey-it’s accurate). From there, I googled how to make a logo and things about iWeb and suddenly I had a business card and website. That’s all you need to make a business, right??


This has been the greatest learning process. I am having SUCH a blast on this journey from learning about the trends and the industry in general, and especially meeting my couples. Because of my background in musical theatre and customer service, my absolute favorite part (next to the actual decorating) is the consultation/tasting. Hearing the love stories and creative ideas for their special day is both exciting and inspiring!! I am always honored when someone trusts me with their cake and put my everything into making it just as they want. Follow along here for some tips and tricks, recipes, tutorials, goofy stories, shenanigans, behind-the-scenes and of course the gorgeous weddings I’m so lucky to be a part of. My timer just went off so I’m gonna run, but you deserve a gold star for getting this far in my ramblings.

xo, Katie

sift bakehouse: Phoenix Wedding Cake and Dessert Bakery
(Image by Riane Roberts Photography)

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