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March 16, 2017

Scottsdale Wedding Cake | Party Like There’s No Saguaro

Saguaro Scottsdale Wedding. Say that one ten times fast! Saguaro Shmottsdale Shmedding? Hehe! On this blog (and any of my social media for that matter) you are going to hear a TON about the amazing ladies at Bloom + Blueprint. Kat and Erika are long time besties who came together and became a wedding planning and design force to be reckoned with! Seriously. These girls are so amazing and what they do. From weddings to events to shoots like this scottsdale wedding one you’re about to see, no detail goes untouched. Everything you never considered has been thought about! Most of all, however, they are such genuine, real lady bosses.

Kat is the lead designer and an incredible florist and Erika is the lead planner, but amazingly can do EVERYTHING! I’ve seen her put together an arrangement while taking a phone call, answering texts AND telling a hilarious joke. The real deal. They also have the sweetest interns ever!! They are growing little seeds into full blown blooms soon. I have been so lucky to work with these ladies on more projects than I can count-YAY! I often say, “the things I do for Kat Mellow”, because she challenges me so much with her crazy creative brain. Not to mention the 3am texts saying, “pretty please?!?” This one is no exception.

Scottsdale Wedding Cake

The ladies of Bloom + Blueprint!!


The Saguaro Scottsdale is one of the most fun and colorful venues I have ever seen. Kat actually got married there so it’s extra special! They are recently under new management and this is the perfect spot to have your Scottsdale wedding at. Something special about this shoot was that it was actually a styled shoot out where photographers were invited to take photos in groups. There were several setups in order to feature different areas of the venue, along with several vendors. Cue *ME*!

My favorite part is seeing everyone’s amazing talents come together to create something beautiful. Also, receiving galleries from fifteen different photographers is CRAZY. Everyone has such different eyes and views and styles of editing that it is so fun to cull through and share the individuality. All of the following photos are thanks to the ever-wonderful Riane Roberts. This lady boss is extremely talented and also one my favorite humans on the planet.


Scottsdale Wedding Cake

Yes, I know it says “desert”. Get it? Like Saguaro? Lol. BLAME KAT!

Scottsdale Wedding Cake Scottsdale wedding

Just look at these amazing wedding cakes!

Scottsdale Wedding Cake Scottsdale wedding

Oh…so you noticed the giant gold guy in the middle?? Welcome to Kat’s brain where she sent me that 3am text saying “I want an oreo cake. Get it? Saguar-eos?!” I’m sorry…what?? An oreo cake? Like..cookies and cream buttercream? After a quick search on Pinterest, I see that this is actually popular and totally adorable. But of course, Kat put her creative spin on it and wanted GOLD! I present…the Saguaroreo!

Scottsdale Wedding Cake

He is a glorious guy if I do say so myself. The best part was that it only took six packages of oreos. I, of course, bought ten so I enjoyed the other four *cough* I mean DONATED them….to…my…belly. Okay!!! Moving on!

The details of this shoot KILLED me. One of my favorite local artists, Paige Poppe, was brought on board to do the amazing invite suites. They were absolutely perfect, colorful, textured, fun and best of all SCREAMED Arizona!! You gotta check out her work.

Scottsdale Wedding Cake

Another talented lady boss in is Matiana of Dang! Fine Rentals who had the perfect table for my desserts as well as this one for the DECKED OUT tablescape. Bonus points if you can spot the mini piñata.

Scottsdale Wedding Cake

My favorite other detail of this shoot was that we had two couples and two bridesmaids to showcase. Just look at the fun, love and COLOR!

Scottsdale Wedding Cake Scottsdale Wedding Cake

First, you have the Saguaro Scottsdale Wedding Venue, then you add true love and VOILA! Magic. The whole day was so much fun to be a part of and you gotta check out Riane’s blog for more!!

Scottsdale Wedding Cake

See below for all of the wonderful, talented vendors who came together to create this beauty! And if you want your own Wedding Cake for your Scottsdale, AZ affair… click here 🙂


Venue – The Saguaro Scottsdale
Event Design/Coordination/Florals – Bloom + Blueprint
Makeup + Hair – Makiaj Beauty
Furniture + Lounge Rentals – Dang Fine Rentals
Cakes/Dessert Display – Sift Bakehouse
Food + Cocktails – The Saguaro Scottsdale Wedding
Laser Cut Accents – Mulberry House
Cactus Macaroon Favors – A Bake Shop
Invitation Suite – Paige Poppe Art
LED Dance Floor – Divinity Event Lighting
Wedding Dress – Bella Lily Bridal
Groom Tux – Magro
Same Sex Couple Tux’s – Celebrity Tux & Tails
Bridesmaids Fashion – Zara
Jewelry/Tabletop/Props – Frances
Vintage Car – Roscoe + Louie
Bride + Groom // Natalie Meyer + Zach Meyer
Groom + Groom // Zachary Lorin Jones + Seth C. Powers
Bridesmaids // Emily Gehrke Rachele Harrison Tatiana Bradasevic

Scottsdale Wedding Cake

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